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Articles by the Greffe Law Firm

Implied assignment of creative rights in performance of commission contracts

By Pierre Greffe - Innovation. Individual aspect. Transfer

When an advertising professional charges for logotypes, this implicitly carries assignment of the creative rights under commission contracts to the company for which such logotypes have been designed. Paris CA, section ...
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Functional characteristic

By Pierre Greffe - Functional aspect

Useful and otherwise The functional characteristics of a design cannot be protected under the provisions of Books I and V of the Intellectual Property Code, little matter that such characteristics are aesthetic ...
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Proportional Participation

By Pierre Greffe - Proportional participation

The principle of proportional participation (CPI, Art L. 131-4) which aims to give the designer a share in the success of his work is, according to the Paris Court of Appeal ruling of 30 April 2009, a principle of public policy.
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Protection of the original design

By François Greffe - Precedence

A technique of braiding leather or know-how cannot be protected by copyright. However, if it is original, the decoration obtained using that technique can be protected. In this case, the absence of any prior art establishes the ...
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