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Founded in 1923, the Greffe Law Firm specialises in intellectual property law, communication and advertising law and competition law.

The firm acts as counsel for a broad variety and number of professional and industrial confederations and federations.

Our work has led us to extend our areas of expertise to the field of communication and advertising. We thus advise advertising agencies and advertisers and check their campaigns prior to broadcasting; we also advise newspapers and publishers.

The Greffe Law Firm is based in France but we are able to provide clients with solutions on an international scale thanks to our network of partners across Europe and the American continent.

As part of its business, the Greffe Law Firm also writes books which are today reference works in the field of designs and advertising.

François and Pierre Greffe are the authors of two treatises: the Traité des Dessins et Modèles (Treatise on Designs) the 8th edition of which (1,052 pages) was published in May 2008 and La Publicité et la Loi (Advertising and the Law) the 11th edition of which (1,300 pages) was published in May 2009.

They are also the authors of the Jurisclasseur Dessins et Modèles published in the form of 30 fascicles and updated every year, as well as an e-booklet on designs.

The law firm also publishes articles on doctrine in the journals Propriété Industrielle (Litec) and La Semaine Juridique (Litec) focussing more particularly on design protection and, since 1995, in two issues each year of La Gazette du Palais devoted to advertising law.

With their experience in these fields, François and Pierre Greffe teach these subjects at the Centre d’Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle (CEIPI – centre for international studies in intellectual property) of the University of Strasbourg. François Greffe also lectures in design law at the Paris School of Political Science (Sciences-PO Paris) on the master’s degree course in economic law.

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