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Welcome to the Greffe Law Firm

Founded in 1923, the Greffe Law Firm does legal work in all areas of intellectual property law, communication and advertising law and competition law.

Acting both in consulting and litigation, the Greffe Law Firm makes sure to defend its French and international clients’ best interests by providing them experts services which are well-recognized by the whole profession.

Today, the Greffe Firm intervenes in many areas:

Les publications de Cabinet Greffe

The Greffe Firm frequently publishes reference books and articles dedicated to matters in which it intervenes. François and Pierre Greffe have written then two authoritative works on the subject: Traité des Dessins et Modèles (Litec) and La Publicité et la Loi (Litec). They also are the authors of the Juriclasseur Dessins et Modèles. Besides, the firm publishes many doctrinal articles in several juridical reviews.
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Comparative advertising – Comparison table – Art. L.121-9 of the French Consumer Code

published by Pierre Greffe

Comparative advertising can take very varied forms. Thus, comparison lists, such as comparison tables for fragrances, may be considered comparative advertising within the meaning of Article 2 of Directive 84/450/ECC as amended by Directive 97/55 if they explicitly or by...
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